Citation Finders


I'm not sure whether to frame this as a feature request or as a shoutout to whoever might be willing to write a plugin that finds citations (details below). on the other hand, if someone's already worked this out, I would be grateful if you'd tell me how you go about solving this.

problem statement: sometimes you want to parse text citations to get items that you want to add to zotero. typically this happens while looking for cross-references.

the current solution that keeps coming up is anystyle.
anystyle is great, but it's just a parser. it has no way of correcting a citation that is misshapen, it does not extract any data that isn't in the citation itself.

there used to be, and still is(ish), an app called 'citation-finder' at ( which does something a bit cooler, by actually searching through pubmed (in this case) to find actual citations that match. the advantage is that it can now get a hold of url/doi/other identifier data that frequently isn't in the citation.

what this means is that post-import from hubmed, one can actually click to the original article, look for full-text etc.


so what I think would be useful would be any of the following:
- something that allows users to search the internet or selected databases _using the title/authornames/year_ or the item to find matching articles.
- a plugin that makes the anystyle process or the hubmed process fit into zotero. either via opening up a window where one could paste a list of citations, or even searching using a note (although I foresee lots of housekeeping for that solution).

not being a particularly technical person, I don't know what this would entail from a coding pov. the hubmed citation finder is currently archived and I don't think it's going to get continuing support, but I'm surprised that noone has tried to duplicate that functionality either in anystyle or elsewhere.
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