creator field not parsed from new arXiv feeds

arXiv recently made an update to their RSS feeds that means the creator field is no longer populated in Zotero. The comment at describes how the tag is now used in their RSS.

Could this be updated in Zotero so that we can see the list of authors again?
  • Can you share an example feed URL? I'm still seeing authors in the ones I have saved.
  • Here is one :
    Zotero seems to be reading what's between the "managingEditor" tags, whereas the list of authors is written by arXiv after a "dc:creator" tag.
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    @mikeyh30: I'm seeing authors from dc:creator for that feed. Can you provide a screenshot that shows what you mean?

    (@JLefeuvre, I'm not sure what you're referring to. managingEditor appears once at the top of the feed — not for the entries — and contains just "", which I'm not seeing displayed anywhere in Zotero.)
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    Sure, here is an example of an entry from this feed:

    < entry>
    < id>
    < title>Dynamical tunneling across the separatrix
    < updated>2024-02-19T06:00:00.368753+00:00
    < link href="" rel="alternate" type="text/html"/>
    < summary>arXiv:2402.10219v1 Announce Type: new
    Abstract: The strong enhancement of tunneling couplings typically observed in tunneling splittings in the quantum map is investigated. We show that the transition from instanton to noninstanton tunneling, which is known to occur in tunneling splittings in the space of the inverse Planck constant, takes place in a parameter space as well. By applying the absorbing perturbation technique, we find that the enhancement invoked as a result of local avoided crossings and that originating from globally spread interactions over many states should be distinguished and that the latter is responsible for the strong and persistent enhancement. We also provide evidence showing that the coupling across the separatrix in phase-space is crucial in explaining the behavior of tunneling splittings by performing the wave-function-based observation. In the light of these findings, we examine the validity of the resonance-assisted tunneling theory.
    < category term="cond-mat.mes-hall"/>
    < category term="nlin.CD"/>
    < arxiv:announce_type>new
    < dc:rights>
    < arxiv:journal_reference>Physical Review E 108, 064210 (2023)< /arxiv:journal_reference>
    < arxiv:DOI>10.1103/PhysRevE.108.064210
    < dc:creator>Yasutaka Hanada, Akira Shudo, Kensuke S. Ikeda
    < /entry>

    And the corresponding Zotero entry (without the creator field being populated):
  • Possible we fixed this in Zotero 7. It's working fine for me in the beta:
  • It seems to be fixed indeed, everything works fine now. Before, the creator field only read "" for all articles. Thank you for the fix !
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