Show only notes with a certain tag - not other notes belonging to the same book

Hi everyone,

This seems to be a newbie question, but I couldn't find much information on this in here.

I've created many notes from pdfs and tagged them (by notes I mean the things that you can see on the right in the pdf viewer).

When I search my project for notes that have a certain tag, these notes are shown under the respective bibliographic entries in the "standard view" (in black), but all the other notes that belong to these books/articles/etc. are also shown (in grey) - even though they don't have the tag I searched for.

I'm using Zotero 6.

Is there any way to show only the notes I really want to see? If not, is there any chance this will be implemented in a future version of Zotero?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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    You can create a saved search for your notes via advanced search option.

    1.Open the "Advanced Search" from the top panel.
    2. Select the Library you want to search. Change "Title" to "Notes". (You might wanna include sub-collections)
    3. Search and save search. You will be prompted to give a title to your saved search.
    4. The saved search will appear in the left navigation menu under the collections.
    5. Search and select the tag you are looking for and only notes that contataining that tag will be in black and other type of items will be in grey.

    I am using Zotero 7 but these instructions should help you yield the result you are looking for.
  • Thanks a lot!
    But there is no way to completely hide the grey notes that don't contain the tag, right?
    (I have more than 3000 quotes/notes in my project - seeing so many unnecessary ones makes finding the right notes quite difficult.)
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    Oh, I don't think so. You can make the notes standalone though. You can just drag and drop your note to anywhere in the items list, it becomes a standalone note. I don't know how it can be done without turning them into standalone notes.

    There is a plugin called ZotCard. I think you can filter your cards (notes) in a separate view. This allows you to see the cards (notes), their titles and some customazible fields. This is not a list per se but you can use collapse in the top bar to see only titles. This view also has filtering options for date, card type (function of the plugin that you don't need to use if you are using it only for searching notes), tags, title and content. This filtering can be saved. I think this is the best option for you so far.
    Also you can mass move notes with this plugin. Select the notes you want to move and right click them, ZotCard>CardMove>select location and done. There are ways to implement what you are looking for but not as a native option.
  • This sounds interesting, I'll check out the plugin. Thanks a lot!
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