Issue saving PDF

I have a PDF open in a tab in Firefox. Zotero is running and has the appropriate destination subcollection selected. The Zotero Connector extension in firefox shows a PDF icon when the PDF loads. I click the Connector icon as usual, but rather than saving the PDF to my subcollection, after spinning for a second there is a red X icon for the Connector. Debug log indicates it's trying to POST the entry to locally running Zotero but receives a 500 response. Connector is able to ping Zotero so it doesn't seem to be connectivity-related. D1794933482 is my debugging ID. Zotero version is 6.0.30, Connector version 5.0.114.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID from Zotero (rather than the Zotero Connector) for reloading the PDF and trying to save?
  • D707892083 from Zotero.
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    You're saving a PDF behind a proxy from your institution. Zotero tries its best to save these pages, but sometimes cannot get around the proxy protection. Generally you should try saving the item from the article page of the database instead of the PDF directly, that might yield better results, although it's not fool-proof. Can you save other articles with PDFs using the proxy, or does it fail for them all?
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