Zotero 7 Beta: Resizing whole window cuts off Item Pane, rather than wrapping content.

edited February 8, 2024
If I resize a window to take up a part of my screen, rather than maximize it, I encounter a problem when dragging the right border to the left to shrink the window's width, particularly with notes. Dragging the right border resizes only the Item List in the center, which is fine. The Item Pane on the right remains static in width and moves leftward until it hits a point where the Item List stops being reduced. At that point, the right border of the window begins to cut off the Item Pane from the right, rather than wrapping the text elements within it, cutting off both text and the buttons. (See example.) I expect it to do what it does if I am dragging the border between the Item List and Item Pane to the right to shrink the Item Pane's width. When I do that, a Note resizes itself to wrap for the new width. Or in the Info section, the Abstract field resizes and wraps.

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