[Zotero 7 Beta] Show in Library not focusing the item in the items list

edited February 7, 2024
Steps to reproduce:
1) Open a PDF file in a tab
2) Go back to My Library and click on "My Library" at the top of the Collections Pane on the left
3) Click on the tab to open the Reader
4) Right-click on the tab's title -> Show in Library
-> I get back to the My Library tab, but the focus stays on "My Library" at the top of the Collections Pane on the left.
I was expecting the focus to go to the corresponding item in the items list.

I have to do this to assign colored tags to the item I am reading. I cannot enter my colored tag from keyboard shortcuts from the Reader. Also, these tags are starting with an emoji, so they are quite difficult to enter from the text box in the Context Pane of the Reader.
So I need to go back to My Library to do it. But if the focus is not on the item, the shortcut to assign the colored tag will not work.

Same problem if you click on the Title or the Abstract of an item in My Library at step 2 above. Even if you click originally on the Title of another item, the focus jumps to the Title of the item from the Reader tab. If I type a number to add a colored tag, this will actually completely replace the title of the item.

Windows 10
Zotero 7.0.0-beta.58+2665090aa (64-bit)
  • We'll fix — thanks.
  • Focus works for me in Windows Beta 65. However, since I can remember, the item always appears at the bottom of the library panel, and sometimes it is even slightly hidden, making it difficult to see. Is there a reason for this?
  • The issue here is focus, not selection. The item is being selected, but the items list isn't being focused if it's not already focused, so it doesn't receive further keyboard input (e.g., colored-tag assignment).

    Positioning of the selected item within the list is an unrelated issue, but we'll try to improve that.
  • @mjthoraval: Fixed in the latest beta
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