[Android] Page-turn tap area and opening PDFs in other apps

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  • I'm loving the Android app - have been hoping for this for years, so thanks so much to the team. Seems like a really robust initial release!

    I have two questions/requests on the PDF reader:

    - would it be possible to increase the tap area for fast page turn - by this I mean the hit box on the left/right of a PDF that instantly changes the page with no animation when the scroll direction is set to 'Horizontal'. I started writing this post thinking this feature didn't exist and one could only turn the page by swiping, then I thought it was buggy, then I realised that on my Pixel I have to aim for an area that is half on/half off the screen in order to trigger this behaviour. It would be great for accessibility and discoverability if a future release increased this area in line with other reader apps.

    - would it be possible to implement some kind of share screen for PDFs so one can open them in another reader? The Zotero reader is great for most of my needs but occasionally I have PDFs that would benefit from features in other readers (like Adobe's liquid mode for instance) and it would be great to be able to access the files on my device with other apps I have installed

    Minor points really, love the app!
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