How to Assemble Entire Bibliography of a Library

Is there a way to collect the complete bibliography of an entire library? I have a large library for a project that includes many subcollections and subs to subs. Right now, the only way I see to collect a bibliography is to pick it up at the lowest level, because when you move to higher levels, Zotero won't pick up the bibliographies from the subcollections. Is there a way to compile the biography for a single library consisting of many subcollections?
  • I'm not exactly sure what you want to achieve, but I think if you have "My Library" selected and press Ctrl+A you can select literally all entries in your library and then right click, do the "Create Bibliography from items...".
  • And if you only want a bibliography from one collection with many subcollection, you can toggle "Show Items from Subcollection" on in the "View" menu and then do the same (My LIbrary always has all items, so the option is irrelevant there).
  • Thanks guys. That works fantastic! By the way, Damnation, what I want to achieve is exactly what I said I want to achieve--to assemble my entire bibliography in one fell swoop. To include a complete bibliography at the end of a book, for example, is one of the excellent ways to use this feature. Thanks again for your great answers. Love Zotero! It makes such a way to collect all my resources for my books.
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