Zotero 7 Tag pane scrolling entire window

Zotero 7 LOOKS AMAZING! Great redesign.

One issue I've run into is that when adding Tags, it scrolls the entire window instead of just the tag list... I've attached a screen shot.


  • I'm not seeing that. Is this with beta 58? Can you provide exact Steps to Reproduce?
  • Yes. Beta 58.

    This is on a Child Note under a book. I was adding tags to the child note. Once the tag portion of the info bar on the right was filled up, it started scrolling the entire window instead of just the tag list. I had to exit the app to get back to the main screen.

    When I go back into the note to view the tags, I cannot scroll the list at all.
  • OK, I can reproduce on a child note. Thanks.
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