Zotero 7 Beta redesigned vesrion, no more same book folder?

I noticed that you also have both item info panel and item list panel redesigned: multiple info tabs combined into just one tab, one item even have multiple attachments won't be a folder anymore, I used to be able to easily open one attachment by just two clicks, but now it becomes kinda inconvenience, however, I found this feature is not removed but hidden, consider we can still see the folder view in recycle bin:

Set as default attachment feature is still missing....

Also, what is this button for?

Don't you think we won't need this attachment preview feature (it's too biggg!)? And it won't be change even I click to select another attachment:

  • There has never been a "same book folder" -- but if you just mean collapsing/expanding a parent item, that's still there and works exactly as before. If you're not seeing it, that may be due to the number of columns you have showing or another add-on, or something else, but no change in functionality.

    The icon you point to with the red arrow shows the number of annotations in an attachment.

    Attachments previews have been frequently requested. You can hide them using right-click on the Attachment panel.

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