eta-template example to paste as block in Logseq as Markdown (WIP)

edited February 6, 2024
I am using BetterBibTeX QuickCopy eta-template to generate blocks for pasting into my PKM.

I share my code as public gist on github for further refinement.

Currently I am struggling with serializing the relations list properly and have filed in an issue at

There are further challenges like decoding html entities in the notes and fixing the http links as https (can be done in Javascript) and replacing them with select item links (zotero:// style local urls).

I avoid bloating this with the code from the gist.

Tipp: There you also find gists for Apple Automator using Python to convert tags between Logseq Markup and Zotero LF delimited list back and forth.

Feedback and experience welcome
  • There is some serious progress on the template with some support of the author of BetterBibTex . I will update this when the next evolution step is ready to share. I am waiting for an updated release of BetterBibTex to finalize this and add some documentation. Until then visit the github issue linked above for own experiments.
  • The version you were waiting on has been released.
  • I updated my original eta-template gist to verson 6. The above development link to a temporary version is not valid anymore.

    There are still some flaws in my template to fix for different cases.

    See for the current version.
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    FYI: My final issues are fixed in Revision 8 of my template (and a bit one of @emilianoeheyns) here:

    – proper handling of missing values
    - proper handling of multiselected items after an update in BetterBibTeX due to flaws of the former code of the template.

    I received a nice hint by @emilianoeheyns how to use the ETA playground webservice to craft eta templates and test and fix errors there without playing around in the eta-template field of BetterBibTeX.

    It uses an exported example it.item created via the debug ID creation of BetterBibTeX to test the export template.

    You can go with my example shared here in @emilianoeheyns comment (including the hint to the ETA playground):

    This can speed up your trial & error a lot

    The latest state is that I may go for a dedicated export translator for the creation of Logseq Markdown, freeing up the the BetterBibTeX eta-template for other nonsense.
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