Android: Bug/inconsistency: Filter/dowloaded files toggle

Not sure whether this is a bug: On Android on my phone, I see a one-column layout, with a list of items taking up most of the screen. At the bottom, I have two items: To the right two arrows to sort the list of items and to the left the filter icon. If I tap the filter Icon, a new view opens (weirdly) called "Filters" on top, but in fact it shows the tag selector. One handy thing is that this window contains above the tag selector a toggle to view "downloaded files".
On my Onyx Boox max with a 13 inch screen, I see a two column layout, which very much looks like zotero for desktop, with on the upper left the list of libraries and folders, and below it the tag selector. To the right, I have the list of items. At the bottom of the list of items, I have again the sort icon to the right, and the filter icon to the left, but tapping the filter icon doesn't do anything. Given that the tag selector is already visible, this is not a big issue, though slightly confusing as nothing happens. But what is important is that the "downloaded files" toggle is nowhere to be seen.
I guess this is a bug, and either
a) the filter button should disappear in two column mode, but then the tag selector should have the "downloaded files" toggle above it at all times
b) the filter toggle should bring up the "downloaded files" toggle

many thanks
  • Hi, just wanted to bring this again to the attention of the devs, as noone has answered. it may be a relevant but in android.
  • If I tap the filter Icon, a new view opens (weirdly) called "Filters" on top, but in fact it shows the tag selector.
    I'm not sure why you think this is weird? The tag selector is a filter. On tablets we show it in the bottom left like on the desktop, but on phones where there's no room it's in the Filters pane. There will be other filters besides "Downloaded files" in future versions.

    The filter button not bringing up a pane in tablet mode would be a bug. We'll investigate — thanks.
  • The naming of filter is a side issue, ignore. I think you may have misunderstood, and I probably was not clear enough, what I think is a bug: The main point is the missing "downloaded files" toggle on my boox/on tablets, which is a fantastic addition to the usability on android.

    The missing "downloaded files" toggle may be connected to the filter symbol not doing anything on tablet, but that is a minor bug that does impact on functionality.

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    As I say, if the filter button isn't bringing up a pane in tablet mode, that's the bug. That's where the "Downloaded Files" toggle appears. The tag selector doesn't appear in the Filters pane on tablets.
  • I see. great! But given that in tablet mode the tag selector is always visible below the collections pane (just as on zotero desktop) wouldn't it make more sense to simply add the "downloaded files" toggle above the search bar in the tag selector?
    In android phone mode, after all, clicking on the "filter" symbol below the items pane brings up the tag selector and the downloaded files toggle sits on top of the tag selector?
    Its obvs a design decision that you need to take, it just seems to me that the filter symbol only bringing up the "downloaded files" toggle but nothing else is not a bit inefficient and confusing (though I get that you say that you may later add more fillters there, which would be fantastic!).
  • No. We're not going to start littering the screen with random toggles.
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