related: not item but passage

h, is there any way to relate not an item to another one,
but an annotated passage to another annotated passage?
thank you
  • edited February 2, 2024
    yes, you need to create a note from the passage, and then you can relate notes to each other
  • i must create a single note,
    an annotation inside a note is not usable?

    i ask this because the mechanism is that while a read a text, another passage comes to the mind and the flow would require that i annotate a passage and from the annotation i can link to another annotated passage.
    if one must create a note the flow is broken.
  • no, you cannot relate a passage within a note, only a full note.
  • ... what about Zotero better notes?
    i didn't use it until now, but it seems to add functionalities...
    nevertheless if the name says all, it's always a matter of notes and not annotations.
    am i right?
  • i havent used it, you need to check for yourself.
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