Zotero 7 Beta: Feedback on Resize / Expand / Collapse behaviour of the side panes

edited February 2, 2024
A few remarks:

1) I like very much the new toggle button to collapse the Context Pane on the right hand side of a Reader tab, collapsing both the side pane and its sidenav. From a practical perspective, I would still prefer if it could stick to the top right, at a fixed position, just below the sync button. That would allow me to toggle on and off the Context Pane much faster when reading a paper. That would also keep the search icon at the top right of the center pane.

2) Resizing the left Sidebar of the Reader to small sizes does not trigger its collapse. I like this behaviour, as it is much easier and faster to reduce it to its minimum size. Since the Context Pane on the right now also has its own toggle button, I would prefer this behaviour also on the right side, so removing the collapse by resizing behaviour. Or maybe as an option if some people still want it.

3) The collapse/expand by resizing of the Context Pane on the right hand side of a Reader tab feels a bit less responsive than the Item Pane in My Library.

4) I can still recover the side panes by the resizing tool after collapse in My Library. But it seems that it has disappeared for the Context Pane on the right hand side of a Reader tab. I cannot trigger the resizing tool when hovering the mouse on the right side of the window.

Windows 10
Zotero 7.0.0-beta.57+3acef799f (64-bit)
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    [edited after realising features already existed]

    2) ++++ it would be very great to have the same resizing behaviour on the context pane of the right sidebar than on the left sidebar (not collapsing automatically)

    I would like to add few extra feedbacks about the new layout of the context pane (the right sidebar).

    b) "abstract" -> is there a way to display the absence of abstract without having to click on the tab. The "tags" and "related" tabs display the number of items (which is awesome!). Can something somehow similar way the absence of abstract also be indicated?

    c) customizing context pane- it would be great to be able to customize the context pane by hiding non relevant information (selecting which of "Info / Abstract / tag / related /notes" should appear on the list)

    d) item title in context pane - the title (editable!) that appears on the top of the context pane is the title of the reference. However, for me it would be very practical to also have the author (creator) and the date visible there (that will save me a lot of time as I won't have to open the "info" tab every time see those information when reading several papers at the same time). I like the fact that tabs of pdf reader can be customized to show which metadata one prefer to see in order to quickly identify one pdf when several tabs are open at the same time. Ideally, the title on display on the context panel could replicate the same information chosen for the pdf readers tabs. For me (personally) the fact that the title is editable there is not a necessary feature... I would prefer to be able to customize this field and only edit title by fully opening "info".

    Thanks the Zotero team for your amazing work and fantastic new features!!
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