Android: highlights from onyx reader in anrdoid app invisible, but not in desktop


I have an issue: on pdfs where I have made highlights on my onyx boox neoreader, these highlights can be extracted as notes to zotero desktop. When I open a pdf on my desktop, I can also see the highlights, which were added on the boox pdf reader. On android on my boox, I can see the extracted notes of the item, but I cannot see the highlights when I open the file in the android zotero pdf reader. I guess this is a bug?
many thanks
  • Can you send the PDF in question to with a link to this thread?
  • yes, done. sent two files, thus the issue seems to be not related to the specific file.
    Also to note; I have also download Zotero android to my phone, and the highlights aren’t there either. So the issue is not just on onyx boox.

  • Hi Dan and developpers,
    as noted I submitted the files to the relevant email. Did you receive them, and can you replicate the problem?
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