Setup error

Hi, Users.
I have an issue with the setup of Zotero.
After opening exe. file, this popup appears.
I chose the current user. And then the popup disappeared.
And I opened exe. file again and chose the second option with entering my account information ( I tried random info. too). But It didn't work. An additional popup said I entered the wrong info.
Can you give me some advice on this?
Thank you.
Have a great day.
  • Is this a personal computer (ie, one you purchased yourself) or is it a laptop provided by your employer?
  • Hi Mark, It's an office PC. I think it was blocked by my institute. Thanks for the comment.
  • The same thing used to happen all the time when I was using office PCs. The quickest way to work around this was to contact the IT department and explain why we needed that particular software option and they would usually send someone to help us get it installed.
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