Ability to print selected PDF pages--and opt for or against annotations

I selected five pages of a PDF from the icons in the left pane and chose to print from the File menu. It processes the whole file, instead of the selected pages--lengthy wait. At the level of the printer selection, you can then choose a page range, if you remember what the pages were and know whether the actual pages match the labeled page numbers on the article. Could we have the option to print a subset--processing only those to the print device? And, it would be nice to have the option to print with or without the annotations. I realize that the sticky note contents would not be visible. Perhaps they could be printed as an addendum at the back of the PDF or printed separately as an option?
  • In the Zotero 7 beta, annotations are already optional.

    Printing only selected thumbnails could make sense, especially considering that, as you mentioned, print preparation is slow and page labels differ from page indexes which makes it more complicate to select the desired pages.
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