Password recovery mail from Zotero is not received

I am asking this for a zotero-user of our institution:
He has forgotten his passwortd and has been trying to reset it, but he does not receive a reset-mail from zotero. In his junk-folder there is also no mail from zotero to be found, he checked that. The email-address is working, as he recieves other mails -also invitations to join groups from zotero.
He tried to create a new user with the same name which of course didn't work as the user still exists.
How can he solve this problem?
  • He (or you, but preferably him) should send an email to with a link to this thread and his username so they can check if the pw email bounces
  • I contacted support and we found out, that he had been using an old email-address of his when setting up his zotero-account many years ago...and forgotten about it in the meantime...
    thanks for your support,
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