[android] 1.0.0-41 better integration of related notes to specific pdf


version 1.0.0-41
android version 13

Open a related note of PDF which includes text notes of that pdf. That note is mostly created by "Add to Note" option while on desktop

1-"Show on Page on Text Note", "Show Item on Citation" and "Show in Library in Three Dots menu", all of the properties which include "Show" doesn't work. I believe it is intentional but just want you to know. Could you enable this asap? My workflow is heavily rely on this feature.
2-When you click on pdf there isn't any "add to note" option on android. I believe you already know this. This can be added into annotation popup toolbox.
3-When you select a text on a pdf, android annotation box also opens which includes "search, speak, share, create connection.." It may cause confusion, because it isn't the default annotation option of zotero. Some features of that android pop up box should be disabled.
4-On the other hand when you want to format those text on notes, format options "annotations" work as expected but text selection tool is so white i had hard times to see it at first. :)

  • The mobile apps (iOS and Android) don't yet have the new note editor from Zotero 6 with annotation integration.
  • just for you information, annotations which are created by android pop up box could be edited, deleted on desktop, they aren't locked annotations like annotations which are created by other pdf apps.
  • edited January 27, 2024
    I mean, yes, obviously? It's an official Zotero app — of course annotations are editable across platforms.

    I'm just explaining that the note editor from Zotero 6 doesn't exist yet in the iOS or Android app, so none of the features described in the linked blog post of adding annotations from the reader to notes or getting back to the reader from notes exist yet.
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