Zotero 7 beta.55: change Attached file name

edited January 26, 2024
I love new redesigned Zotero. Thanks to the team.

Until now, I could change the title of attached file name and the real file name attached at the same time, using "change associated file name..." or something like that.

However, in newly redesigned Zotero, I can't find the option.

Is the option removed or can't I find it?

  • That option was removed, for the same reason Zotero 7 no longer changes the attachment title if running "Rename File from Parent Metadata" manually: the attachment title and the filename aren't the same thing, and there's no reason for them to be set to the same value.

    We'll be adding a rename variable (as explained on that page) for the attachment title, after which the file could be automatically renamed to incorporate a title that you put there.

    We'll also be adding an option to display filenames instead of attachment titles in the items list, though we don't think that makes much sense, given that the parent item row already shows the same metadata.
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