Available for beta testing: Zotero, redesigned

  • I really like the update, but sometimes I didn't expect the backspace to delete notes in a document. I was trying to remove text in the search box, and nothing happened (I thought), but I figured out I accidentally deleted some notes and was unable to get them back with 'command + Z'.
  • Congrats and thanks to everyone who has been working on it. I'm looking forward to testing this out!
  • I liked the new icon. As a long-time user - I guess 7 or 8 years - and an academician, I am not fond of changes too much. Yet, this one was okay. I felt like I needed to change some stuff on my desktop, too.
    The citekey thing is still not on the info panel, which is a deal for me. I use LaTeX. I appreciate the effort to put it back.

  • Hey! Is it possible that the Newspaper Article has no "title" field?
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    hi @maxipoblete, the field is there. Interestingly, this field is designed to stand out more than the other fields, yet it can be easy to overlook. I also didn't notice it at first. Just take a closer look, and you should see it.
  • @danielborek Thank you! Was very used to the old UI lol :)
  • I've been using Zotero for years. The new modern design surprised me! It's fantastic! I couldn't help but logged in here to say thank you!
  • Wow, what a great and awesome redesign of Zotero!
  • This is fantastic! One suggestion though: It is a brillant idea that it is now possible to collapse the info pane and thus being able to immediately see tags and related in an overview. However, the only way how an item is now identified if the info pane is collapsed is through the title in bold at the top. In my view, it would be far more useful if this would display a short version of the bibliographical information in a format like: Author (Year): Title.
    It appears that a longer title is displayed even on two lines, thus there is already plenty of space to display this information.
  • I’m amazed by how smooth and fluid this feels. A pleasure to use. Thank you very much!
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    A newbie starting up right with v7. It looks wonderful and works perfect for my needs (web clipper with a main focus on attachments in stacked view).

    A little suggestion regarding the footer (bottom) toolbox

    It allows one to focus item sections (i.e. Info, Abstract, Attachment, etc.) That's neat but the choice isn't persistent, and resets back to defaults when hitting another item. Would be fantastic to have the ability to keep the chosen focus across all items while navigating the library. In my use case Info & Abstract are always on top but they aren't relevant and just add clutter to the UI eating up screen space.

    @dstillman: Oh, I see now there's a pin option. That's great, thank you!
  • @alx359: Double-click the icon or right-click → Pin Section. (Note that there's currently a bug when the attachment preview is enabled where pinned sections below Attachments aren't scrolled to correctly.)
  • I'm usually devastated, when the UI of one of my productivity apps changes. I'm burned by Firefox and Thunderbird, Firefox being a serial offender in that regard. I felt similar for Zotero at first. But your UI overhaul is fantastic! My workflow is the same as before and in addition to the more modern surface, you added a ton of small productivity improvements, like the new sidebar and the automatic display of annotations and comments. It's a really great product and you managed to make s good product even better!

    Also, generally highlighting and commenting articles works great. I now also use it to save web pages, highlight and comment them. In combination with Zettlr/Obsidian way better than OneNote and Evernote!
  • I think I know the answer to this question is "no", but since I'm curious to beta test I'll ask. Does the DOI Manager plugin work in the beta?
  • There is a list for supported plugins in Zotero 7: https://plugins.zotero-chinese.com/#/
  • thanks for the snapshot preview! so useful.
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    This is a wonderful update. In particular for the dark view mode for pdf's, which I believe was one of the most needed features Zotero lacked.

    Regarding it, it would be great if further, it was customizable through themes (like in Firefox or Libre Office) or layers such as background-foregorund (as in emacs) or dark-light colours (as in Okular viewer).

    Many thanks to the development team.
  • I still want to use the version of zotero7 before this update due to plugin compatibility issues, is there a list of all previous zotero7 versions installed?
  • This is an amazing redesign! And super fast and responsive too. The new icon is excellent as well. It fits in perfectly in the latest macOS while also being unique.
  • Hi,

    thanks for the good work!

    I use the French version, and the field "title"' is missing in book chapters. I can only feed in the book title, not the chapter's title. Or am I missing something?
  • @lbasti01: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/453674/#Comment_453674 (but we'll be moving Title back into Info, since a number of people have been confused by this)
  • Oh, no, great, do not move it back. Once you know it its better.

  • To add what I said above about the issue of the title info/info pane:
    This core data in the header could either be editable (as the title now is) or not. I guess it would be less confusing if this information were not editable in the header, but only in the info pane.
    The header would then be a permanent, non-editable identifier of the zotero item. It would not be an editable field. Being in bold and not having a symbol/function heading (such as info/attachment/notes/tags) identifies that it is not editable. The info pane obviously would duplicate some of this data, but it would all be editable.
    This would disentangle the function of displaying information in the righthand column and editing bibliographic information.
    Having the core bibliographic info in the header would help with a number of tasks. For example, sometimes I want to check all tags or relations for the items of a given author. If the author name were available in the header, I coould collapse the info pane, and move with down arrow from one item to the next, while only looking at the right hand column.
  • I've been using the new UI since it's came out and it's really great, faster, smoother, easier access to information. Really good job!

    Going ahead, and thinking to the switch to stable, @dstillman, I have a suggestion (if you already have not thought about it): could you make a one time splash screen illustrating what's new on the new version? I'm a librarian who regularly teach university users (students, PhDs students and researchers) the basics of zotero, and I can think of a lot of people who would be disoriented when the UI will switch due to automatic updates. A splash screen telling the news could greatly help (and please , if you'll consider this, give us some time to translate it before pushing the update, otherwise it'll not help so much)
  • Quick question: where did the "find on scholar" button go?
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    You find this and other options grouped in the right upper corner of info pane (icon shows a page with an arrow at the bottom)
  • Perfect, thanks!
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    I am really liking this update. My eyes are already thanking the dev team for dark mode and for including alternating colors for items in the list pane.

    A few feedbacks:

    - I like having the title in its own area that doesn't scroll with other item information. I suggest keeping the title within the static header, but make it more conspicuous by adding a thicker outline or a different background color. Then, include a title entry field in the info pane to satisfy people that prefer this. As @migugg suggested, the header bar should not be directly edited. Instead, the header bar could be preview of the item title and its formatted citation (authors, year, volume, etc.) as the user updates info fields. Perhaps limit the formatted citation to the first 3 authors to avoid it being too long or alternatively allow the header bar to scroll.

    - I preferred the way tags used to appear before the title in the main panel. Is it possible to place tags in front of the title still? If not, I suggest adding the option to place tags in front of titles or adding another column in the main list pane that is dedicated to displaying tags in their own column separate from titles.

    - When using the "add item by identifier" feature, it would be nice if there was a clickable button to execute the search rather than having to press a keyboard key.
  • @ezellohar: Yes, we'll add some sort of first-run popup with a link to the announcement blog post.
  • Hello - I've only noticed one issue so far. I do most of my work on a MacBook Air, and so I often use a window snapping app to split my screen in half. The normal release version of Zotero can be minimized to half of my screen, but the beta version does not minimize further than maybe around 60%.

    Otherwise, the redesign is great.
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