Feature request: import abstract using INSPIRE translator

The INSPIRE translator for Zotero currently does not automatically import the abstract, even though it seems to me that the abstract is exposed by the INSPIRE API (I navigated to an INSPIRE record, replaced the "/literature/" in the URL by "/api/literature" and took a look at the JSON file).

I don't know if this is intended behavior for the translator or a bug, but it would be nice to grab the abstract when importing from INSPIRE.

For reference, I'm using Zotero 6.0.30 on Windows 11, and my Zotero connector is on the current version of Firefox (122.0) on the release channel.
  • Apparently the translator actually retrieves INSPIRE metadata as bibtex, not JSON. And unfortunately INSPIRE doesn't include the abstract in that format... perhaps this improvement suggestion could be sent to their admins? It would be beneficial for people beyond Zotero users, so they might be interested.
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