Issue with Zotero WebDAV Sync via Koofr on PC and iPad – Seeking Help

I'm encountering a persistent issue with Zotero's WebDAV sync feature when using Koofr, and I'm hoping to get some insights or solutions from this community or the developers.

Problem Description:
When I initially open Zotero on both my PC and iPad, the WebDAV verification proceeds as expected, and Zotero begins to sync files. During this initial phase, I can see records of file uploads in Koofr, indicating that the sync is actively working. However, after a certain period of syncing, Zotero starts to display an error message indicating a "404 Error". Following this error, WebDAV verification fails on all devices, consistently showing the 404 error message.


Devices Affected: Both PC and iPad
Initial Behavior: Successful WebDAV verification and file syncing
Error Phase: After some time of syncing, Zotero reports a 404 error
Post-Error Behavior: WebDAV verification fails on all devices with a 404 error
Debug ID: 2073656965
I have noticed a similar issue being discussed by other users (e.g., Bazingaaaa on September 9, 2022, and weizichao on June 30, 2023), which makes me wonder if this is a common problem with the Zotero-Koofr-WebDAV setup.

Attempts to Resolve:

I have verified the path settings in Zotero for the WebDAV server.
Ensured that the 'zotero' folder exists in my OneDrive, which is linked to Koofr.
Checked Koofr and OneDrive settings for any misconfigurations.
Despite these checks, the issue persists. I would greatly appreciate any insights, solutions, or suggestions from the community or the Zotero development team. If additional information is needed, I am happy to provide it.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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