[Android] possibility of external storage?

The new android app is fantastic, but I was wondering if there will be any possibility in the future to support externally linked files?

I currently have my Zotero library stored as a separate directory structure with all the pdfs attached links in the desktop version. This directory is synced separately to my phone/tablet. With the old unofficial app "Zoo for Zotero" I can set an external location for pdfs, and if this were possible with the new app, it would be wonderful. It would be perfect (though probably impossible for technical reasons) if annotations would still even be synced so that I can view the same comments on desktop and mobile, but even just being able to link the pdfs would be great.

Otherwise, is there perhaps an existing option that I'm missing to manually add individual file links without uploading a new pdf (e.g. on desktop the menu option "Add attachment > attach link to file" achieves this)?

As a related question/workaround if the above is not possible: is there any documentation about where in the android filesystem Zotero stores "downloaded" files?

Many thanks for any information!
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