Programmatically saving pages

I'm sorry if this question has been recently answered, but I couldn't find a discussion of this since 2019, regarding a much older version.

Is it possible to programmatically initiate a "Save to Zotero (Save web page with snapshot)" action?

For a bit of background: I use Zotero as a repository of all important and relevant articles I find on the web, especially since many sources on the web disappear in time. I would like to bring in a large batch of pages—which I should be able to load into a tab from the command line or otherwise—and once a page loads, I want to trigger the page snapshot and add to library functionality.

Essentially, I want to avoid doing this manually, for a large number of articles, saved over the years to Pocket. I can use either Firefox or Chrome, on macOS, and my Zotero is version 6.0.30.

Can this be done?

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