Please update link for Zotero.dotm file for Zotero 6


It seems like there are a lot of people on here who for various reasons need to manually download the Zotero.dotm file from the help page:

Unfortunately, the "Zotero.dotm for Zotero 6" link which takes you to the following page: no longer works.

Could someone kindly update this link as soon as possible please? I am submitting my PhD thesis on Friday and have lost the Word integration!

Thanks for all you do, Zotero team - I'm so very grateful for your app and your efforts.

All the best,
  • edited January 17, 2024
    I've updated the link, but note that there's no real reason you should need that. Zotero.dotm is bundled with Zotero, so even if something happened to the original you should get it with a reinstall, and if it's being deleted by security software, any version you download manually is likely to be deleted as well.
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