Translator "Deutsche Nationalbibliothek"

Good morning.
Don't know if this has been recently troubleshoot'ed - there was a post many years ago ...
Saving to Zotero from the catalog search page of the "Deutsche Nationalbibliothek" - - gives you the website page save option but no way to save literature (same goes for there beta-new-version).
Was wondering if,
1.) "you" can do anything about this;
2.) what would the "Deutsche Nationalbibliothek" need to know to get there result presentation up to standards for Zotero to scrape using generic translators?
  • I have a fix for the current catalog.
    The Beta catalog will be harder to support as it currently is: the current catalog exposes links to various metadata formats on item pages (we use the MARC-XML). You could ask DNB about that (i.e. how users/Zotero could easily access structured metadata from the beta catalog's results)
  • @stefan.kreisel -- the fix for DNB is now up for the existing page. If you ask about the new (beta) catalog and hear back, please let us know.

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