Reindexing unindexed attachments

I don't seem to be able to find exactly what I want. I'm in Zotero 7. I want to reindex all items with unindexed pdfs in one of my libraries. I tried 'Advanced search', looked for Attachment File Type is PDF; and Attachment Content does not contain e (as the most common letter in English). That does show me a bunch of items with 'Title', 'Creator 'and 'Attachment'. I PRESUME - based on the query - that all of these are unindexed. But how can I now reindex JUST these?
  • I'm having the same issue - of course, it shouldn't be necessary to do this manually, but indexing in the background seems to be stalled for some reason.
    Most of mine that come up for that search show No in the Indexed field, while a few say Queued.
    I do have some broken attachment links (moved files) that I haven't resolved, I wonder if that could be interfering?
  • I've seen other threads on here mention an "index unindexed items" command ( but I can't seem to find that anywhere!
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