Problem renaming file from parent metadata (Debug ID = D348596160)

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For some reason I seem to be unable to rename some pdf file attachments from the parent metadata. It does work for some, but for others it does not. And this is the case in both Zotero 6 and 7. (And btw - they DO index properly, so there's nothing wrong with the pdfs themselves.)

The debug output says
(4)(+0021306): SELECT synced FROM fulltextItems WHERE itemID=? [1021976]

(4)(+0000025): SELECT indexedPages, totalPages AS total FROM fulltextItems WHERE itemID=? [1021976]

(3)(+0000005): Zotero.Items.keepParents() is deprecated -- use Zotero.Items.keepTopLevel() instead

(3)(+0003813): Filename has not changed

Any thoughts?
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    I'd guess that you're confusing the attachment title and the filename. In Zotero 7, the attachment title isn't changed when you rename files manually if it doesn't already match the filename. Look at the Filename field in the right-hand pane after clicking on the attachment or right-click → Show File and look at the actual file on disk.

    There'll be additional UI feedback when renaming in a future version to make this clearer.
  • Update - actually opening the pdf did the trick. After using a translator in Google Scholar, the attachment said 'Available Version (via Google Scholar'. It was only when I clicked on that and the pdf actually opened, that I was able to rename the file from the parent metadata..
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    No, again, you're confusing the attachment title and the filename. "Available Version (via Google Scholar)" is the attachment title and tells you the source of the file. Files downloaded from the web are always renamed automatically based on parent metadata, and there's no reason you need to be manually renaming those at all.
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    Read this and the threads linked from there for more details:
  • Our posts crossed.
    Thanks. I'll read up on this. And the main things is that the filename is correct - and that is indeed the case.
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