Zotero 7 Beta: Internal link won't activate when tag is selected

I am perpetually building a master historical timeline using reference assets (items) with the Presentation item type. All timeline assets share the same tag (an hourglass emoji), so I can quickly filter My Library to just the timeline. I attach notes to the assets with pasted internal links to other assets that are pure research items, supporting whatever I've put in the timeline--backing up the where, when, and what of a historical event. (Here's an example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rKkqpKKeC-RPYGLsy5__fJ1LAyN-2wJW/view?usp=sharing)

This was working well when I set it up last year. More recently, I've been clicking on the internal links from the filtered timeline and they do nothing. It took a lot of experimenting to figure out that it is probably because the Tag Selector has a tag activated. All of the research assets I'm linking out to support the timeline but are not timeline items. They do not use the hourglass tag.

The internal links that are in a note should allow you to break out of the selected tag confinements and activate the untagged asset being linked to. That takes us back to what was working before. Since I've already set up the situation, let me also say that it would be ideal to have a back button that lets me bounce back to the timeline after following the link--right back to the topic selected in the tagged timeline.

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