How to Get table of conents from PDF in Zetero 7

For me using Z 6, Get table of conents function in Zotfile is an important one.

Is there any way in Z 7 or a plugin to get table of contents?
I can't fine one.

Thanks in advance.
  • The ToC is available in the PDF reader -- that's not sufficient?
  • It's the left pane, one of the buttons at the top of the pane.
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    Usually I read PDF file with external app like PDF xchange.

    I attached my file and got table of contents in a note with links to bookmarks of PDF file.
    I'm able to do this with Zotfile which is now imcomptable with Z 7.

    I think it's very useful for those who prefer external PDF reader.

    The image below shows what I want.

  • Right,I know he functionality. Since the ToC is so readily available via the built I reader, I doubt someone will work on bringing that functionality into Zotero 7
  • Well, this is interesting. I just pulled the book I'm about to publish--in PDF form--into Zotero to test the TOC situation. Zotero doesn't interpret a TOC, though the document is formatted with standard headings. The book has its own TOC, of course, but I wonder why Zotero (and SwifDoo and Adobe DC) can't find a TOC in the document's structure?
  • PDF ToCs are made up of bookmarks, not headings. Acrobat (and I assume other PDF readers) have a function to convert headings to bookmarks, but that's not automatic (as it is in Word).
  • Thanks, @adamsmith. So that would be another item for the wishlist--for Zotero to add the capacity to find headings in a PDF and reinterpret them as TOCs?
  • I also miss the “Get table of contents” function in Zotfile for Zotero 6.
    While Zotero Attacher has been developed for Zotero 7 as a continuation of Zotfile, it seems that this particular feature hasn’t been carried over.

    Here’s hoping it gets restored in Zotero 7!
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