APA 7 descending date style puts web pages first

So the APA CV style that is supposed to sort in descending order -- I notice it's not. Or, on closer inspection, it is sorting in reverse chronological order, but it's doing a date sort AFTER it first puts two things with the item type "web page," instead of mixing them in together with the rest of the articles.
The book chapters are intermixed like I expected them to be.
I *think* this is new -- I don't remember having to manually fix this before.
Maybe this is what other people want this style to do? Personally I don't have a separate section for "peer reviewed articles and chapters" and "non-peer reviewed publications"....

The style under discussion: American Psychological Association 7th edition (curriculum vitae, sorted by descending date)
  • looking at the style, that shouldn't be the case -- the items have actual dates or just access dates?
  • Sorry, I forgot to follow up.
    I just tried again, and yes, the items have actual dates. Here's the order (when using the APA CV style):

    - an item with the item type "web page," date 2019, and no access date
    - an item with the item type "web page," date 2017, and no access date
    And then there are the real articles and book chapters, in reverse chronological order as expected, from 2024 and going backwards.

    I tried changing the item type from "web page" to "journal article" -- changing nothing else about the dates in the record, unless something happens automatically -- and that slots it in in the appropriate place in the reverse chronological order.

    FTR, I have a whole subcollection where I keep these items, for easy updating of my CV, and I am inserted the formatted records into the word document not via the Zotero menu in Word, but by selecting all the records in the subcollection in Zotero, right click, create bibliography, APA 7 CVC style, output mode bibliography, copy to clipboard.
  • Got it, thanks -- I have a working version here: https://github.com/citation-style-language/styles/raw/df7bd6ee04ea34b95617f9650d56a9ee65bab4c9/apa-cv.csl
    Once we agree this is the right fix, it'll replace the current APA CV style.
  • Looks good to me. And wow, installing the new style was super easy -- one click and it did itself!
  • This is fixed now in the official APA CSL style
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