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Hi, I am having trouble syncing my papers. I see them there but most of them do not have their corresponding PDF in their folder anymore. I tried unlinking my account then linking again but it didnt help. I also tried upgrading my storage space but nothing still (even thought it said it was full previously. I suspect it had something to do with the small storage space initially but now that I am upgrading it wont sync the rest. In the folders with missing PDFs there are .zotero-ft-unprocessed files and .zotero-ft-cache files.
  • See Files Not Syncing.

    To be clear, the files never would have existed on this computer (unless you deleted files in your Zotero data directory outside of Zotero). The files would be on the computer where you added them. Just upgrading storage doesn't suddenly make them available on a computer where they don't exist — you need to sync the computer where they do exist now that you have space to sync them.
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