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If I create one new item from specific paper in Zotero, then how could I find out this specific reference record for my new item? That is to say, how can I know one paper cited by which papers in Zoteroļ¼Œand I want to find out reference format about it, also I can better know the cited relationships.
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    If I understand your question correctly - "how can I know one paper cited by which papers in Zotero" - there is one plugin that will at least give you the opposite of those relationships ... a list of the papers that single paper cites (by PDF text parsing or database API lookup). And it will generally find (most of) those cited papers if they are already in your Zotero library.

    But finding if that single paper is cited *by* other papers in your library is a more complex problem. Zotero does not store the information on which papers cite which other papers, as publishers traditionally did not provide that data with their papers' metadata; either on a paper's web page, or in the data provided to metadata repositories like Crossref. However that began to change in the last few years as more publishers began to release that data. There is now a (growing) body of cited reference data for millions of papers in those repositories (mostly more recently published papers).

    That sort of data can be accessed for example under 'Cited By' in Google Scholar (and going back in time, in resources like Science Citation Index). It would be great if that information could be easily extracted from Google Scholar or other repositories and saved in Zotero.

    So I do anticipate a time in the future when Zotero will extract and store that cited reference data from all papers, where available. Once that data is held for most of the papers in your library, the ability to easily find all the papers that cite a single paper you are looking at then becomes feasible.

    In the meantime, using the above zotero-reference plugin gives you the option to add the references cited by a single paper under its Related tab. So, over time, you would build up a full citation map for your library, albeit rather slowly.

    Other plugins, like zotero-style, can display a network graph showing those Related links between papers in your library.
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