addicted to editing snapshot

before v7beta i used to print/export to PDF the web contents (blogs, magazines, etc.) in view of being able to annotate them and to extract the annotations as notes.
now with the availability of version 7beta i have become addicted to the annotation of snapshot themselves in place of print-to-PDF versions.

but given the fact that the every snapshot is really a download of the full set of the digital components of the web pages, i wonder if these snapshots over the time will last less than good old PDFs, because web technologies evolve and transform themselves while PDF remain stable over the time: i can open today a PDF of 15 years ago.

any ideas or comments?
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    HTML is highly backwards compatible. You can still look at the first webpage (about 33 years old) without any issues:

    So no, I wouldn't have any concerns about the digital preservation of the HTML. The one thing to *maybe* worry about is the annotation component: there's no comparable format to export annotations to as there is for PDFs. Zotero is using a standard format under the hood (see the discussion about ePub which applies equally to HTML annotations), so there doing about everything that's currently possible to ensure interoperability, but there wouldn't currently be an easy way to transfer these to another tool as there is for PDFs -- just because the mechanism currently doesn't exist for this.
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