[Feature request] Improved tab navigation: Tab search, tab grouping, cycle last used tab

Often when writing and needing to cite many papers, or when working on multiple projects that cite papers in disparate fields, Zotero can become a bit unwieldy because it becomes difficult to navigate through opened articles efficiently. One just has to be able to recognize the first few words of a title to get to the article one is looking for, and it often involves scrolling quite far in the tabs left or right. Of course, one can always "re-open" the article one is looking for from the library, but this is not particularly efficient, especially when one needs to flip back and forth between articles which aren't in adjacent tabs.

One way Zotero could improve this navigation is through tab search and tab grouping, as Google Chrome has introduced (somewhat) recently. Tab grouping would help to organize opened articles when a user is working on multiple disparate projects at once, and tab search, especially if it can include authors, would be extremely helpful for when there are > 10 articles open at once.

Another handy tool I've found when browsing is introducing a keyboard shortcut that can cycle through the last viewed tabs (similar to window switching using Alt+Tab on Windows, but just for tabs). It is implemented extremely well here: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/clut-cycle-last-used-tabs/cobieddmkhhnbeldhncnfcgcaccmehgn?pli=1 and I use it daily.
  • A tabs menu with search and tab groups are planned.
  • Pinging this with a request for clarification: Is "cycle last used tab" also planned as a feature? E.g. In firefox one can check an option "Ctrl+Tab cycles through tabs in recently used order" in Settings. (Firefox also allows Tab Search by using '%' as a prefix in the url bar)
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