[feature suggestion] Tablet File Management

Many posts talked about better attachment management in Z7 and a lesson can be learned from Zotfile.

A neglected feature from Zotfile that I'd (also) like Z7 to implement is the ability to manage and monitor files transferred to tablet. I find it very useful that zotfile was able to detect changed attachment files and have them moved back into Zotero library within zotero (without tinkering file explorers).

Moreover, i think this feature can be helpful even with the new Zotero Android (the test of which I sorely missed!).

Many thanks!
  • edited January 6, 2024
    The whole point of the iOS and Android apps is that they sync your stored files directly from your online library. You don't need some convoluted extra process to manage that, and we're certainly not going to implement anything like that ourselves.
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