Editing handling of webpages


I have used this style and made some edits so it works better for my requirements: https://www.zotero.org/styles/digital-humanities-im-deutschsprachigen-raum
Now I would like to edit handling of webpages so that it will put “üo. J.” (abbreviation for no year in German) in citations and the bibliography entry for each webpage that doesn’t have a date entry in my Zotero library.
Citation example: (AppleVis o. J.)
Bibliography entry example: AppleVis (o. J.):
I want this mainly so that if I cite subpages from a webpage, they can appear as (AppleVis o. J.a) and (AppleVis o. J.b). Currently, the style will just put (AppleVis) in the citation, regardless of how many different subpages I cite.

I would appreciate any help editing this style.
Thank you.
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