[Z7 BUG] : CMD+/- do not increase/decrease font size in PDF/Epub reader

Zotero 7: CMD+/- do not increase/decrease font size in PDF/E-pub reader. Nevertheless, the line spacing between rows of text does increase.

This issue occurs on the latest Zotero 7 beta (7.0.0-beta.54+6b996d4f9 and prior) on an M2 MacBook Air running Sonoma 14.2.1 under lockdown mode.
  • Could you email the EPUB you're seeing this issue in to support@zotero.org?
  • It has been sent.
  • Cmd-Plus/Cmd-Minus do change the size of the body text in that file on my machine (similar setup to yours). I see some headings with hardcoded sizes that don't change - is that what you're referring to?

    (There was an issue with format detection in that file which was causing incorrect page numbers to be displayed. It'll be fixed in the next beta.)
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    I'm having the same issue with Zotero 7.0.0-beta.76+91054acfe (64-bit), Windows 11. Zoom in/out increase/decrease the line spacing but doesn't increase the font size. Only happen with an EPUB file but not other ones.
  • Please email the file to support@zotero.org and include a link to this thread.
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    File sent. Thanks!
  • Thank you! This will be fixed in the next beta.
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