Report ID 2019658244

When syncing - I get a "can't assign to property "added" on "out of memory": not an object" error.
  • This is usually due to having added images to Zotero notes before they were officially supported in Zotero 6.

    The 64-bit version of the Zotero 7 beta might avoid the out-of-memory error and give you a proper error pointing to the note in question, but you can also search for data:image in All Fields & Tags mode to in the library root to find notes with pre–Zotero 6 images and remove them.
  • Great. Thanks Dan! Switching to the Zotero 7 beta! :)))
  • I got a new issue - Report ID 955532048...
  • Meaning what? What's happening now?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for reproducing this?
  • Report ID 414325781. And also D1063756919.
    So Zotero now opens; I 'see' the library I'm currently working in. But I cannot add a new 'report' to that collection AND I cannot sync (e.g. I added a new group , but I can't see it).
  • DELETE FROM itemDataValues WHERE valueID NOT IN (SELECT valueID FROM itemData)
    Nothing to do with sync. A cleanup process at startup is taking a very long time for you. You can try waiting longer without doing anything, but it also looks like you have your data directory on an external or network share, which may be making things much slower. (Someone had the same problem the other day. And moving the data directory back after resolving this was likely only a temporary fix, since this query — which should take a fraction of a second, but was taking vastly longer for you and them — only needs to run occasionally.)
  • Sorry for the late reply. But so I just waited, and it did indeed sort itself out! Thanks much for your amazing continuing efforts on Zotero, Dan!
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