[Android] Sync timing out

edited December 25, 2023
App looks great!

I have 9000+ items in my library. After I set up my accounts both My Library and my group library showed up. However, no items within them did for at least 15 minutes. There was no sign of syncing. To force it, I created a new item, and some 600 items showed up (might have been a coincidence). Eventually the sync failed with a "time out error" at 953 items.

I could note-trigger a sync, by editing my test item in the Android app, or by creating a new item on my desktop app, until I quit the app and restarted, but only went up to 954 (synced only the new test item added on the Desktop app.) Once these items showed up, I could retrigger sync only with a pull-down action in All Items view (but not in the Collections view).

Sorry for the rambling description. Happy to send a debug log if helpful.
  • In another 15 minutes or so, the sync died again with the same "Error timeout" at 5403 items. Had to restart sync (by pull-down gesture) to let it continue.
  • Here is a debug ID for one of the repeated timeout errors: D1940242568
  • We've made some improvements to syncing in the latest build (39) that might help here.
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