Zotero 7: Desktop app does not automatically sync after resume from suspend

I noticed a situation where the desktop app (on a laptop) does not automatically sync after resuming from suspend. Once a sync is manually triggered, then automatic syncing resumes as expected.

1. Open Zotero on a laptop.
2. Open Zotero on an iPad.
3. Suspend the laptop (S3 sleep state, in case it matters).
4. On the iPad, make some changes (highlight some text in a PDF, etc.).
5. Wake up the laptop and give focus to Zotero.
6. Wait several minutes for changes to appear on the laptop.

After step 6, triggering a sync on the laptop by manually clicking the sync button or adding an annotation results in the changes from the iPad appearing. Automatic syncing then resumes as expected.

I'm not sure if this behavior is expected or not. Or, perhaps I'm not waiting long enough?

I've read through the changes not syncing page and I don't believe they apply to this situation.

This is using 7.0.0-beta.53+969031a37 on Linux. I recall this occurring with Zotero 6 as well.
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