Error Report ID 912043217 Sync trouble

I've not been able to sync with my webdav server for some time now - probably a couple of months. I have the latest version and the latest firefox. using Mac - latest op. system there too.
  • What's the error message?
  • it says a webdav file sync error has occured. asks to restart firefox and try again - have done so, but get the same message.
  • There are no Zotero errors in the error report. You need to send in the error report after receiving the error and before restarting Firefox.
  • ok, well, that is what I thought I had done.

    So I have tried again. Here is a new error report number. I have not yet restarted firefix. Error report ID 1487358203

    I'll be signing off soon as it is rapidly approaching midnight over here in Aust!
  • Hmm, not sure why any errors aren't coming through, but how about a Debug ID for the sync attempt?
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    Hi Dan.

    First time I've done this, so not sure how it will go. In particular, Zotero has not given me any Debug ID number - or, at least, not obviously, and I don't know where to look.

    So, in case you didn't get the output, here it is...:

    [extra output removed — D.S.]

    (3)(+0000000): HTTP OPTIONS for https://****:****@****/zotero/****/zotero/

    (1)(+0000250): Unexpected status code 401 caching authentication credentials in Zotero.Sync.Storage.Session.WebDAV.getLastSyncTime()

    [extra output removed]
  • (It should give you a Debug ID after you submit the output to the server.)

    The error indicates a problem with your WebDAV server or configuration. Re-verify your server from the Sync pane. If it passes, you'll have to talk to your server administrator (or test that same path with another WebDAV client).
  • thanks Dan. Yes, it seems the problem is with the server, it doesn't verify. Should have checked there first. Thanks for your help and sorry to bother you!


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