Scaffold Feature request: Copy link and view node positions of elements

I am using the built-in Scaffold in Zotero 7 to create translators for many websites. I need to search and access detail pages on the web pages opened in Scaffold.

Some of these websites will open a new browser tab after performing a search or clicking on the details page, which appears as a new window popping up in Scaffold. The pop-up window is the focus of my attention, but I cannot tell Scaffold, "Hey, that new window is our work object." I also cannot copy its link from the address bar of the new tab and paste it into the address bar under the "browser" tab like in a normal browser.

In addition, I often need to use the devTools of the browser to confirm the position of page elements in nodes, which is easy to do in the browser but not in Scaffold.

In the past, in order to achieve the above, I had to develop in Scaffold and open a browser at the same time - just to copy the link to a new tab or confirm the position of an element or even its tag name. This is acceptable for most websites, but some restrict my account from logging in on only one browser at the same time. I have to repeatedly log in to my account between browser and Scaffold to access the pages I need, which is very troublesome.

what I need
I saw that there is an address bar in the new pop-up window of Scaffold, but there is nothing inside. I guess it's just disabled, so we should enable it. Alternatively, if feasible, Scaffold should prohibit the opening of new tabs and restrict the page from loading on the initial panel.
I also need a simple right-click menu with options that should include copying links to elements and executing inspec to see the DOM tree.
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