Zotero 7 Beta: Info Tab Empty except for Item Type

Tonight, all my items are missing their reference information. The Info tab is blank below the Item Type, like this:


I realized I wasn't on the newest release. I installed the newest and still see this problem.
  • Did you try with all add-ons disabled?
  • edited December 14, 2023
    I guess you already have tried it, but what happens when you disable all the add-ons and restart Zotero?
    Edit: Had the same problem just now. It is related to the "Zotero pdf preview" add-on.
  • Yes, that fixed it. Thanks!
  • I just read at Github that the Zotero PDF Preview won't be updated until Zotero 7 is stable. So anyone on the Z7 beta needs to disable this plugin until then.
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