Translator gets deleted when I restart Zotero

I am trying to add [this]( translator to the Zotero. After copying it to the translator folder on my Mac when I restart Zotero, it gets deleted. I came across a similar discussion on this forum that was not resolved. I tried resetting the translators and the styles. It deleted a previous translator Scannable Cite. js. Then I copied and pasted Scanabble Cite and the zotero-translator-tana-cf.js in the translator folder. Scannable Cite was there when I restarted Zotero, but the latter was deleted. I did a 'Restart with Logging Enabled' and submitted the log. The Debug ID is D357320988. Please suggest what to do. I appreciate your help.
  • [JavaScript Error: "Invalid or missing translator metadata JSON object in zotero-translator-tana-cf.js" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/translation/translators.js" line: 325}]
    The JSON at the top is invalid.

    This could be fixed manually, but translators should be edited with the Translator Editor built into Zotero to avoid problems like this.
  • Could you suggest what should I fix? I don't have any experience with javascript. I am just using the translator created by others. Thank you.
  • "lastUpdated":"2022-10-23 - 11:42" isn't a valid date format. That should be
    "lastUpdated":"2022-10-23 11:42:00"

    I think the rest should be fine, but as per the above, the safest way to get correct metadata is to use the Translator editor (under Tools/Developers)
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