Hi zotero slow

Hi Zotero is taking to long to insert citation can you help
  • @Fenike: You'll need to say more for us to help you. What word processor, and what exactly is happening? How long is your document? And can you provide a Report ID from Zotero?
  • Here you have the report id1729746377

    What is happening is that I have a document 99 pages my master thesis, 20 pages references, one file copy of this doc, it started get slow, I tried login from another computer yesterday but it got worse, today I came back to the computer in which the doc was originally created I got the message that Zotero locks your doc to prevent multiple users from editing citation... do you what to override the document? I clicked yes because I cant insert citations anymore. I have re started Zotero and the browser file fox many times but now I cant add citation, same thing in the copy of the doc. New docs works perfectly. My dead line is really soon please help! The doc is a bite mess constantly I move citations from one part to another in the text I wonder if it could have been the problem but I have actually no clue what is happening.
  • No, please don't start new threads for the same issue. I've merged this back into one thread.
  • The processor is google docs
  • Sorry for the confusion with the thread
  • You should temporarily disable any other browser extensions you have installed, restart your browser and Zotero, and try again.

    You may just need to wait longer for updates. Make sure you have "Automatically update citations" disabled in the plugin's Document Preferences window.

    If you're still having trouble, your best bet may be to move the document to Word or LibreOffice and finish there. Since Google Docs integration is dependent on Google's servers, we don't have much control over how well it works in large documents. You can split the document up if necessary before using the transfer function.
    I move citations from one part to another in the text I wonder if it could have been the problem
    In Google Docs, unfortunately dragging citations will cause the citations to become unlinked. Cut/paste will work.
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