Switch word processors from word to docs not working

When I attempt to switch my word document to google docs using the "switch word processors" function my citations do not covert properly in the google document after refreshing.

All citations change from (Lastname, 2023) to CITATION {"citationID":"bP1t5usO","properties":{"formattedCitation":"({\\i{}Cochlear Implants}, 2021)","plainCitation":"(Cochlear Implants, 2021)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":1116,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/9091092/items/KHXSAPAI"],"itemData":{"id":1116,"type":"webpage","abstract":"On this page:","container-title":"NIDCD","language":"en","title":"Cochlear Implants","URL":"https://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/cochlear-implants","accessed":{"date-parts":[["2022",10,18]]},"issued":{"date-parts":[["2021"]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"}.

The citations, as well as some of my text turns blue and underlined. Here are the steps I followed

1. In Word, create copy of the document as a .docx
2. Document Preferences in the Zotero plugin → “Switch to a Different Word Processor"
3. Document is converted, "my tanfer document" with exmplainatino appears at top of page and all citations are made into the above format I shared
3. Save the changes in Word
4. In Google Docs, File → Open → upload the file
5. File → Save as Google Docs to switch from .docx mode to Google Docs mode
6. Select Refresh from the Zotero menu in the opened Google Doc to continue using the document, but the citations remain and do not covert back to (Lastname, 2023)
  • Try _enabling_ automatically update citations in the Zotero Document Preferences in Google Docs (the blue underline means that a citation isn't being updated, which would explain why it stays in that format, though refresh should take care of that.
  • Automatically update citations has been enabled from the start, any other ideas?
  • This generally works, but may not work with your document due to some specific formatting. You can try the last step of Troubleshooting Errors in Word Processor Documents, halving the document you are trying to import and seeing if you can import smaller snippets of it. Make sure you do not cut Zotero fields in half, and do not remove the initial 4 lines of the document that say "ZOTERO_TRANSFER_DOCUMENT", and contain the import instructions.
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