Zotero 7: keyboard navigation issues on partly visible pages

I noticed that if one scrolls so that parts of the first and second page are visible, then the left arrow and page up keys do not work.

1. Open a PDF and go to the first page.
2. Zoom to page height. This doesn't seem important, since I can reproduce this at other zoom levels.
3. Scroll down a tiny bit so that parts of the first and second page are visible.
4. Attempt to go back to the beginning of the document using the left arrow or page up keys.

In step 3, it seems important that we do not scroll more than half a page. If more of page 2 is visible than page 1, then the keyboard navigation works. If more of page 1 is visible, then it doesn't.

This is using version 7.0.0-beta.52+2f8e536f2 on Linux.
  • I just noticed another potential oddity. When viewing a page other than the first and scrolling down a tiny bit, the left arrow and page up keys navigate too far backwards.

    1. Open a PDF.
    2. Zoom to page height.
    3. Hit right arrow to navigate to the second page.
    4. Scroll down a tiny bit.
    5. Hit left arrow to navigate back. Notice that we are now viewing the first page.

    It's not clear to me what the expected behavior should be (I don't recall what it was in Zotero 6). For some reason, I was expecting for the second page to be "in focus" but I'm not confident that's what most people would expect.
  • The issue in the first post doesn't seem like a real issue, because in "Zoom to Page Height" mode, Arrow Up and Arrow Down keys are just changing pages, while other zoom modes support moving the page a bit up or down.

    Regarding the second issue, I'm unable to replicate it. Could you provide a video demonstrating the problem?

    And there are no any third-party plugins enabled, right?
  • For the issue in the first post, I'm finding that:

    1. When in "zoom to page height", there is no keyboard shortcut (left arrow, up arrow, page up) to scroll back to viewing just the first page. One has to use the mouse.
    2. When in "automatically resize" mode, up arrow and page up work, but left arrow does not.

    Is that expected? To me, 1 feels limiting and 2 feels inconsistent.

    For the issue in the second post, please see the below video. For some reason, I thought that after hitting left arrow the second page would be displayed, not the first. Again, I'm not sure if that's a common expectation (I might change my mind in a bit as well). I think in some other applications, you can't scroll around partly in the "view full page" mode. Scrolling is performed a page at a time.


    No plugins were enabled.
  • Could you test if Firefox PDF viewer (Zotero PDF reader is based on it) demonstrates the same behavior?
  • Thanks martynas_b. Same issues are present in Firefox 120.0.1.
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