How to install VUE?

The 3.0 release of VUE looks interesting, and touts Zotero integration.

The nearest I've come to instructions on installation specifics is:

which says "After you've installed Zotero you have to install the VUE for Zotero plugin on top of it."

The associated link points to a page of videos, I was unable to locate instructions.


  • The VUE/Zotero plugin is available from the VUE download page:

  • ok, part way there, after installing the .xpi in Firefox, Zotero has a VUE choice in the Actions menu. Selecting it creates a blank page labeled VUE/Zotero Plugin.

    Hopefully I can figure out what else needs to go where now.

  • hi ktenney,
    have you found out what to do to get this running. Have the same probleme: just a blank page labeled vue/zotero...
    Thank you!
  • Sorry, I've not followed up.
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